ICN – Connecting Excellence in Clinical Research

ICN is a network of reputed academic and government-based research institutions. ICN brings together top-tier experience and knowledge of clinical trial centers from across the globe. Clinical trial centers are considered a core element to enable and coordinate excellence in clinical research and its operations. Recently, ICN has decided to further expand its global network by inviting private organizations that participate in clinical research and are willing to support non-commercial clinical research and ICN’s activities to join.

Our mission is to enhance the global availability of high-quality clinical research centers and study sites by promoting and supporting the top-level services and proven capabilities of ICN and its members. Through close and coordinated contact amongst its members, ICN is able to connect teams and relevant stakeholders in clinical research. Top priority is to enable for good and excellent sites to force up and for young study sites to build up their clinical research infrastructure.

ICN members are committed to provide each other with effective and cutting edge capabilities and infrastructure for clinical research. All members of ICN are able to make use of the network’s clinical research capabilities such as consultancy, training courses, workshops, online guidance documents and tools. In addition, ICN provides services and training courses to external investigators and research staff.

ICN invites membership from high-quality clinical trial centers who adhere to ICH-GCP and other generally accepted international standards.


ICN aspires to be a leading enabler and accelerator for high-quality trial sites by providing best-in-class capabilities. Members of the ICN share their expertise in Clinical Research in the form of services, available to the other ICN partner institutions.

ICN facilitates excellence in the planning and realization of clinical trials in compliance with local rules and regulations and with the international Good Clinical Practice Standards (ICH-GCP).

Members of ICN are ready to put their cards on the table and to let others accelerate their development. ICN members share existing knowledge and "cherry-pick" excellence of other members.

ICN puts the focus on clinical research in its entirety and has no constraints in mixing academic and industry services. Equally, even though most of the ICN members are academic centers, services are offered to support clinical research centers for academic / investigator-initiated as well as industry-sponsored studies.

There will be a synergistic effect associated with the combined utilization of top services of the ICN members.

ICN is not a social but an informal network connecting people and services at the same time.

Existing networks are highly appreciated and no parallel structures are planned to be built up.


ICN was founded and inaugurated on September 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland as a result of an initiative of ten global partners (core members) from Europe, Asia, Japan and the US. Its goal is to continuously improve global clinical research in line with evolving global standards, thereby increasing the number and capacity of high-quality clinical study sites.