ICN Mission Statement

The ICN is a network of academic and government-based research institutions that collaborate to connect excellence in clinical research. ICN brings together top-tier experience and knowledge of clinical trial centers from across the globe.

The ICN invites membership from high-quality clinical research organizations who adhere to ICH-GCP and other generally accepted international standards.

Our mission is to enhance the global availability of high-quality clinical research centers and study sites by promoting and supporting the top-level services and proven capabilities of the ICN and its members. Through close and coordinated contact amongst its members, the ICN is enabled to connect teams and relevant stakeholders in clinical research.

ICN members are committed to provide effective and cutting edge capabilities and infrastructure for clinical research.

ICN – Connecting Excellence in Clinical Research!

Connecting international excellence

The International Clinical Trial Center Network (ICN) connects Clinical Trial Centers of reputed hospitals and research institutions worldwide. Clinical Trial Centers are considered a core element to enable and coordinate excellence in clinical research and its operations.


ICN members have the opportunity to make use of special expertise and capabilities of other ICN members in the form of requested “services”. As a result, ICN members can strengthen their own position and better contribute to the worldwide need for high-quality trial sites performing clinical studies, both academic and industry-sponsored.
These services address key topics and activities that are of high relevance to the build-up and operations of clinical research in order to achieve global excellence and to expand capacity.